Made all by myself with PICO-8 during the Epic Game Jam !

Find your way through the library at night to gather the maximum possible books to read ! HOWEVER, you shouldn't get caught by the mages that keep it, and Boringness have your back (so you can't go back...)

Be quick and gather the maximum book possible ! Don't hesitate to submit your score in comments ! :)

Controls :

Arrow keys : move

CTRL + R : reset cardridge

Enjoy ! :)

Install instructions

1. Unload the zip file you can download

2. Enter the folder

3. Launch "stealystealy.exe"

4. Enjoy !


Download 970 kB
Download 532 kB
Download 3 MB
stealy1.2.p8 53 kB


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22! ...still stealthing to the Max! Great Game

Good start ! Keep me updated ! :)